Murder Mysteries

The Secret Funeral

Run date: September 2019

You are invited to a secret funeral.

Aunt Florence has finally passed away, and you are invited to come and pay your respects (or otherwise) with the rest of the family.

Come ready to play a character and solve the intrigue surrounding the death of our wealthiest relative.


  • You cannot tell anyone about the secret funeral.
  • You must wear something black and ostentatious.
  • The secret indoor location will only be revealed on the day, but it will be in the city.
  • Come hungry. There will be a feast.
  • Come thirsty. There will be an open bar.
  • Your character will only be revealed to you at the funeral.
  • Be punctual.


  • The venue is two-storey and requires stairs to reach the bathroom.
  • Lighting will be low and candle-lit
  • There will be quiet classical music playing in the background
  • Play at the event is self-paced. There will be occasional seating provided inside and there is a small courtyard outside if you need a break.
  • All characters will be gender neutral and can be played how best suits you.

Intrigue on Risa (AKA the Borgy)

Run date: September 2018

The Enterprise has docked at the Federation’s pleasure planet Risa for some long overdue shore leave. Risa is known for its beautiful, artificially created surrounds and *very* friendly residents. However, the crew have barely had time to take their shirts off when a shocking crime is committed. The original sacred fertility statue, carved by one of the founders of Risa and honoured by all Risians has somehow been stolen.

Participants can choose to be a Risean (sexy alien) or a Star Fleet officer (sexy space explorer), and will be provided with a character card giving a brief background to their character, and part of the plot to reveal (or conceal). Characters will have additional sidequests revealed on the night and props will be provided for these. Appropriate costumes are welcome, but you don’t actually need to know anything about Star Trek to participate. Conversely, if you want to start rocking conversational Klingon that works fine too.

Your quest is to try to discover who stole the sacred Risian fertility statue, and if possible how they did it. Try to talk to as many characters as you can in the time available, but keep true to how you think your character would act.


All accessibility information is provided by the ticketed event.
Participation in the game is voluntary and all normal consent rules apply.